SEBTS Chapel - Olin Trivette Binkley September 18, 1969

  • The service begins with prayer (00:00-01:45). Olin Trivette Binkley, the second president of SEBTS, addresses this chapel congregation according to its founding and direction, based in 2 Timothy 3:17 (01:46-06:57). He discusses that “man of God” was used of Moses and is used today to refer to the quality of life of those in Christian leadership. Two factors are noticed about authentic ministers for Jesus Christ (06:58-09:12). Firstly, a mature (complete) minister has a personal knowledge of God accompanied by a concern for the distresses of His fellows (09:13-12:19). Secondly, a mature minister has a knowledge of men, including an understanding of their patterns of behavior as well as their potentialities, through intercessory prayer (12:20-25:25). He ends his time in prayer (25:26-26:05).
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  • September 18, 1969
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