SEBTS Chapel - Eleanor Nutt October 24, 1984

  • Audio quality is low. Eleanor Nutt was chairman of the deacons at Crescent Hill Baptist Church in Louisville, KY. The service begins with organ music (00:00-02:32). C. Michael Hawn reads the lines of a hymn, and he sings a song of worship (02:33-05:08). Hawn delivers the Scripture reading from Mark 4:26-29, and Eleanor Nutt is introduced as the chapel speaker (05:09-08:34). The choir sings the anthem (08:35-11:04). Nutt preaches a sermon on the topic making decisions and coping in the context of times of transitions (11:05-29:25). Nutt ends the service with a word of prayer (29:26-30:18).
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  • October 24, 1984
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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