SEBTS Chapel - Olin Trivette Binkley February 17, 1961

  • The service begins with the reading of Psalm 27:14 (00:00-00:10) and 3 John 1:1-8 (00:11-02:01). No introduction was given for Olin Trivette Binkley, but he was Professor of Christian Sociology and Ethics and Academic Dean of SEBTS. Focusing on 3 John 1:8, Binkley asks how students in a theological seminary might help the faculty to be productive scholars and creative teachers (02:02-03:49). Firstly, students may do this by affirming participation in a deeper knowledge of the truth about God and its relation to human decisions. They must join the professors in academic scholarship and see both parties as desiring to know the truth (03:50-06:59). Secondly, students and faculty must keep the channels of communication open with each other (07:00-09:54). Thirdly, students must show a readiness to recognize the perils confronting servants of God, namely three: accommodating the gospel to the culture, subordinating what God demands of us to what man expects of us, and practicing cruelty in human relations (09:55-13:23).
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  • February 17, 1961
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