SEBTS Faculty Lecture - Albert L. Meiburg November 20, 1980

  • Albert L. Meiburg was Professor of Pastoral Theology and Dean of the Faculty. The service begins with a word of prayer (00:00-01:24). Albert L. Meiburg is introduced as the Faculty Lecturer (01:25-03:45). Meiburg’s lecture is entitled Ageing is Becoming, and he begins by speaking on the wisdom of old age (03:46-09:23). His first point is that ageing is tied to being created in the image of God, and he believes that this image is founded in our ability to make decisions (09:24-24:38). Meiburg’s second point is that we have been redeemed by God’s grace through Christ, and this grace is liberating and implies union with Christ that is not dependant on age (24:39-43:38). The service ends with a word of prayer (43:39-44:28).
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  • November 20, 1980
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