SEBTS Chapel - H. Max Smith October 29, 1965

  • The service begins with the reading of John 4:23-24 and prayer (00:00-01:35), followed by a time of confessional prayer, (02:34-03:47) prayers of thanksgiving, (03:48-05:33) and prayers for the seminary community (05:34-07:22). Next follows a responsive reading of Selection 30 entitled “God our Security” (07:23-09:21) and congregational worship (09:22-13:02). There is no introduction for H. Max Smith, but he was Associate Professor of Music and an organist and artist in Residence (13:03-13:16). He begins by reading Hebrews 10:19-25 (13:17-14:17). His message centers on the relationship between the Church in the world and the Church in worship (14:18-16:20). Worship does not consist either in acts of service or in liturgical praise to God, but in both of these (16:21-17:39). We must worship because it our duty as God’s children to glorify His name (17:40-18:28). It is in worship that we find our being or value before God (18:29-19:28). Also, corporate worship allows believers to gather a sort of “inner strength” (18:30-21:50). He ends his message by saying that in worship we gather a sense of direction and purpose for our ministry to the world (21:51-23:12). He closes the service in prayer (no audio of prayer) and worship (23:13-25:33).
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  • October 29, 1965
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