SEBTS Founder's Day Address - Edwin Luther Copeland March 13, 1984

  • Edwin Luther Copeland was Professor of Christian Missions and World Religions and a missionary to Japan. The service begins with organ music, and the choir sings a song of worship (0:00:00-0:11:06). President Randall Lolley welcomes everyone to Founder’s Day, he gives a word of prayer, and he welcomes the Board of Trustees (0:11:06-0:13:41). The Citation for Excellence in Christian Ministry is awarded to Ed and Mary Price, a lay couple serving at Lakeside Baptist Church in Pittsburgh, PA (0:13:42-0:28:00). Edwin Luther Copeland is introduced as the Founder’s Day Address speaker (0:28:01-0:29:01). The choir sings the anthem (0:29:02-0:34:33). Copeland delivers a speech about the various components of the tradition of Southeastern, and he encourages the seminary to press on and perfect these components for the future (0:34:34-0:56:37). The choir sings a song of worship (0:56:38-1:00:39). The service ends with a word of prayer (1:00:40-1:01:15).
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  • March 13, 1984
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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