SEBTS Missionary Day Address - Henry E. Turlington March 22, 1962

  • The service begins with a brief word (00:00-00:56) and prayer (00:57-02:12). A brief highlight is placed on missions as the core focus of the seminary (02:13-03:42). An introduction is given for the speaker, Dr. Henry E. Turlington, pastor of University Baptist Church in Chapel Hill, NC, and former missionary in China (03:43-06:43). He begins with cordial greetings and the importance of the Scriptures in Baptist life (06:44-10:00). The Bible is relevant from Paul’s time until now, even as it still is changing; Turlington illustrates this from 1 Corinthians 9:19-22 (10:01-12:30). After giving a brief history about the British East India Company, he speaks of how much circumstances for missions in China and the world have changed (12:31-25:45). The question arises: “Is there need for any particular religion?” (25:46-27:44). He then draws out three of Paul’s teachings about himself from 1 Corinthians 9:19-22. First, he adapted himself to the environment in which he lived without denying the nature of the Christian life (27:45-31:01). Second, Paul taught the gospel absolutely cannot be determined by the environment; it already is (31:02-35:38). He then speaks briefly of this concerning Hinduism (35:39-36:53). Third, Paul was not afraid to trust God with young Christian churches (36:54-41:21). He ends his time in prayer (41:22-42:34).
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  • March 22, 1962
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