Staff and Visiting Professors circa 1959-1986

  • CDI-01-2883: Edward H. Pruden; CDI-01-2885: James Moseley, MD; CDI-01-2892: James Moseley, MD; CDI-01-2886: "Staff girls with the Wakefield and Fore babies."; CDI-01-2887: Frank Swett; CDI-01-2888: Mrs. Madge Winders; CDI-01-2889: Anna Holder, Presidential Secretary; CDI-01-2890: Anna Holder, Presidential Secretary; CDI-01-2891: Dr. James Moseley; CDI-01-2893: Mrs. H. Eugene McLeod; CDI-01-2897: Jeanne Lisbo; CDI-01-2898: Lida McKinney; CDI-01-2900: (Right) Georgia Santrode, Student wife and secretary; CDI-01-2906: (Middle) Estelle & Garland Hendricks and (Right) Dr. Randall Lolley; CDI-01-2907: (Middle) Dean Dr. Raymond Bryan Brown, Professor of New Testament; CDI-01-2908: President Dr. Olin T. Binkley; CDI-01-2909: (Left standing) Dr. Elmo Scoggin and (Right standing) Dr. Raymond Bryan Brown at the Jewish - Christian Colloquium; CDI-01-2910: (Left) Dr. John Steely (Middle) Louise Copeland, and (Right) Dr. John Carlton; CDI-01-2911: Dr. & Mrs. Raymond B. Brown at the Presidential home; CDI-01-2912: Dr. Raymond Brown; CDI-01-2913: (Right) Dr. John Durham, (Middle) James Tull, Professor of Theology, and (Third from right) Dr. John Eddins, This photograph was taken circa 1970; CDI-01-2914: Dr. & Mrs. Olin Binkley and Mr. & Mrs. Woody Catoe; CDI-01-2915: Dr. John I Durham; CDI-01-2916: Dr. John I Durham at student Reception; CDI-01-2918: (Left) Dr. Olin T. Binkley, (Middle) Dr. Clifton Allen, and (Right) Dr. Raymond Bryan Brown, This photograph was taken at a dinner to honor Dr. Allen; CDI-01-2920: (Left) Dr. Randall Lolley and Mr. & Mrs. Chevis Horne; CDI-01-2921: Dr. & Mrs. Randall Lolley and next to them, Dr. & Mrs. James Leo Green; CDI-01-2922: Frank Sweatt, Plant Services; CDI-01-2923: Frank Sweatt, Plant Services; CDI-01-2928: Frank Sweatt, Plant Services; CDI-01-2926: Annie Earp; CDI-01-2927: Dr. I.N. Patterson; CDI-01-2932: (Left) Debbie Toole and (Right) Anna Holden; CDI-01-2933: Tessie Moody, Cafeteria; CDI-01-2935: Donna Adams, Secretary
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  • 1959 to 1986
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    Communication Department Images - Series 1, Archives and Special Collections, Library at Southeastern, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC.
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