SEBTS Chapel - Ernest Mayfield Ligon February 8, 1961

  • The service begins with the reading of Psalm 34:8 (00:00-00:21). An introduction is given for Dr. Ernest Mayfield Ligon, who was the Director of the Character Research Project at Union College in Schenectady, NY, as he delivers the second meditation in this series on the Lord’s Prayer (00:22-00:44). Dr. Ligon begins by reading Matthew 6:5-13 and offering some opening words (00:45-02:55). He recaps from the first meditation briefly (02:56-03:47). His message this day focuses on what you will do, based on verses 10-12. He outlines that most discovery comes from creative conflict and not from individual discovery (03:48-11:05). Next, he posits that we could never learn enough to worry God in His omniscience; while we could never know more than God, we should always seek to learn more, for we will never know everything (11:06-15:53). He views verse 11 as the realistic part of the prayer (15:54-17:58). He views verse 12 in this light as well (17:59-19:36). His last petition is on the words “lead us” in verse 13, which he views as communicating the willing, humble attitude which people need if they tend to have a “self-made” mentality (19:37-22:22). He ends in prayer (22:23-24:12), and the service ends with the singing of Numbers 6:24-26 (24:13-25:26).
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  • February 8, 1961
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