SEBTS Chapel - James W. Kelley March 9, 1972

  • James W. Kelley was Director of Chaplaincy for the Home Mission Board. The service begins with an introduction (0:00-0:25). After which, a prayer is offered (0:26-3:55). James Kelley is then introduced (3:56-6:27). The service continues with a period of singing (6:28-9:25). Kelley’s message is entitled “Saddle Up and Move Out.” Kelley begins with an introduction praising the chaplains in the room (9:26-10:11). After which, he reads Romans 11:33-36 (10:12-11:04). He continues by discussing “the place of religion in contemporary society” (11:05-20:12). He concludes by explaining the role of the Southern Baptist denomination (20:13-24:08). He closes in prayer (24:09-24:35).
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  • March 9, 1972
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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