SEBTS Chapel - G. Avery Lee February 9, 1966

  • There was no formal introduction for G. Avery Lee, but he was pastor of St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans, Louisiana, and focused his ministry on college/seminary campuses. He made dedicated commitments to bettering race relations and served as Chairman of the Christian Life Commission from 1961-62. He continues his sermon from February 8, 1966, talking about God’s good news of healing for the brokenhearted from Psalm 51:17 (00:00-03:55). Jesus spoke about the New Birth of a life broken by sin as one of His most important focuses, and God desires that we have a broken and contrite heart to be forgiven of our sins (03:56-09:08). David used three Hebrew words to describe his sin against God with Bathsheba. Firstly, peshah communicated his sin was deliberate rebellion against something God strictly had forbidden. Secondly, havon communicated a perversion or distortion from breaking God’s Law. Thirdly, hatah communicated a missing of the mark or goal of what is pleasing to God (09:09-11:02). David also used three words to describe vividly the experience of forgiveness. Firstly, mahah communicated a blotting out or wiping off. Secondly, kabas communicated a washing away. Thirdly, tahēr communicated a declaring to be clean (11:03-11:38). Lee describes more clearly what true contrition and brokenheartedness looks like Biblically, affirming the good news that God is able to heal the brokenhearted and that God uses broken things to make things new. Lee closes his time in prayer, but the prayer is not recorded (11:39-31:19). A brief rewind occurs, and a low shrill follows the audio to its end (26:00-31:19).
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