Foreign Missions circa 1940-1991

  • CDI-01-2682: Thailand Missionary Pictures, image taken Cecil Carder; CDI-01-2683: "Alan G. Johnson, welcomes a new convert to Temple Bautista (a Spanish-speaking church) in Calexico, California. Both North Carolinian and Wake Forest graduates, he and Mrs. Sara McNeill Johnson have been in Spanish-speaking work in California since 1957. They have two sons."; CDI-01-2685: "Keller Hall and Dr. Jesse C. Fletcher presenting Bibles in Bahasa Indonesia language to Dr. and Mrs. L. Darrell Mullins, medical missionaries." Richmond, Virginia Westhampton College, Missionary Orientation Conference, July 1966; CDI-01-2686: "Professor Celia Kerr, left, helping Missionary Franklin D. Hawkins, right, with refresher course." Campinas, School of Portuguese Language and Orientation; CDI-01-2687: "Alan G. Johnson welcomes a new convert to Temple Bautista in Calexico, California."; CDI-01-2688: L. Leighton Lewis and R. Paul Faircloth; CDI-01-2689: "Dr. and Mrs. L. Darrell Mullins, medical missionaries, Indonesia." Richmond, Va. Westhampton College, Missionary Orientation Conference, July 1966; CDI-01-2690: "Brotherhood, Pastor Hubert K. Middleton, left, giving men assignments for visitation of the lost; B.D. '50, Th.M. '57." Country: Chile, Santago, Castrina Baptist Church; CDI-01-2691: L.C. Smith, Nigeria; CDI-01-2692: Harris W. Mobley, Ghana; CDI-01-2693: L.C. Smith, Nigeria; CDI-01-2694: Cecil Carder, Thailand; CDI-01-2695: "Mr. Iudarsons (language teacher) and Charles Cowhead at Indonesia Celebration of Independence Day." Country: Indonesia, Jakarta; CDI-01-2696: "Missionary Roderick W. Smith, second from right, talking with boys outside rented building." Country: Uruguay, Treinta Y Tres, Baptist Church; CDI-01-2697: "Mrs. Valentina Da Luz and son, Dario, talking to Missionary Roderick W. Smith, right." Country: Uruguay, Treinta Y Tres, Church member, home of Mrs. Valentina Da Luz; CDI-01-2698: "Missionary Harry L. Raley, treasurer, in his office." Country: Taiwan, Taipei, Baptist Headquarters; CDI-01-2699: Calvary Baptist Bangkok Educational Building; CDI-01-2700: "Missionaries, left to right: Pat H. Carter, Charles A. Allen, Jr., E. Harvey Walworth, and Matthew A. Sanderford." Country: Mexico, Guadalajara, North Field Conference; CDI-01-2701: "Missionaries E.A. Barnes, Lebanon, foreground and Glenn Patton, Jordan, studying Arabic." Country: U.S.A., Austin, University of Texas, Middle East missionaries in Arabic language study, language lab; CDI-01-2702: " Missionary Jack G. Partain shaking hands with new faculty member, Missionary Davis L. Saunders looking on." Country: Tanzania, Arusha, Baptist Theological Seminary of East Africa; CDI-01-2703: "Missionary J. Glenn Morris seated at his desk talking with Missionaries J.L. Wilson and Frances Hudgins." Country: Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand Baptist Theological Seminary; CDI-01-2704: "Missionary Hubert K. Middleton pointing to map." Country: Chile, Santiago, Baptist Theological Seminary, Old Testament class; CDI-01-2705: "The Paul Smiths, missionaries to Jordan, foreground, reading Arabic, seated across the table are the G. Pattons, missionaries to Jordan, left, and the E.A. Barnes (he is partially obscured), missionaries to Lebanon." Country: U.S.A., Austin, University of Texas, Middle East Missionaries in Arabic language study, study session; CDI-01-2706: "Missionary Frances Hudgins teaching." Country: Thailand, Bangkok, Immanuel Baptist Church, Sunday School, Young People's Department; CDI-01-2707: Southern Rhodesia, Zeb V. Moss; CDI-01-2708: "Zeb V. Moss, missionary mass media representative, Africa, distributing tracts to women." Location: Kenya, Nairobi, Nairobi agricultural fair, Baptist booth; CDI-01-2709: Harris Mobley, Ghana; CDI-01-2710: Moorefield, Italy; CDI-01-2711: Harris Mobley, Ghana; CDI-01-2712: Zeb V. Moss, Southern Rhodesia; CDI-01-2713: Harris Mobley, Ghana; CDI-01-2714: Phillips, Rhodesia; CDI-01-2715: Tabors, Korea; CDI-01-2716: Paul Stouffer and family; CDI-01-2719: Mr and Mrs. C.E. Price, Russian; CDI-01-2724: "Southeastern students learn the practical aspects of evangelism on the streets of Romania."
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  • 1940 to 1991
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