SEBTS Chapel - William J. Fallis February 27, 1964

  • William J. Fallis was Editor of Broadman Press. There is an opening prayer and speaker introduction (00:52-03:22). William Fallis begins by citing from the journals of Kierkegaard from the 1850s (04:40-06:46). He then transitions into Romans 12:1-2, proceeding to warn Christians of being led astray from following Christ by the subtle enticements of the world's standards (06:47-15:15). The values of the world will tend to creep into the church, and Fallis warns Christians against becoming too concerned with statistics and multiplying institutions, instead encouraging them toward emphasizing genuine conversion experiences and the thrust of the Gospel in missions (15:16-18:24). He ends his message with a discussion about the “ease” of being a Christian in America (18:25-20:49). He constantly exhorts Christians to remain faithful to as pure a form of Christianity as is possible, according to the Holy Spirit's work (20:50-24:36). There is a closing prayer for the end of the service (24:37-25:56).
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  • February 27, 1964
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