Stealey Chapter History Book 1953-1970

  • CDI-01-1209: Dr. Sydnor Stealey signing his book.; CDI-01-1210: (Left) Dr. James Moseley, campus physician, and (Right) Dr. John Carlton, faculty, This photograph was probably taken during 1969 - 1970; CDI-01-1211: Southeastern Commencement 1956; CDI-01-1212: Foot-painting; CDI-10-1213: Accreditation of Southeastern Seminary, Administration and Faculty, (From left to right) Dr. Luther Copeland, Gordon Funk, current President Dr. Sydnor Stealey, and Dr. Olin T. Binkley; CDI-01-1214: Dr. James Moseley, the Seminary Physician; CDI-01-1215: Ruby Reid Child Care Center; CDI-01-1216: Mr. Edwin Osburn, Librarian; CDI-01-1217: Dr. Sydnor Stealey, This photograph was probably taken between 1962 - 1963; CDI-01-1218: Dr. Sydnor Stealey and faculty signing abstract, (From left to right) Dr. Thomas Bland, Dr. Luther Copeland, Dr. Sydnor Stealey, Dr. John Steely, and Dr. Elmo Scoggin, This photograph was taken in 1956; CDI-01-1219: Baptist World Alliance, "Official Proxy - President S.L. Stealey served as a proxy for an Executive Committee member from Spain and Baptist World Alliance General Secretary Josef Nordenhaug makes it official with a name badge."; CDI-01-1220: Dr. Sydnor Stealey; CDI-01-1221: Dr. Sydnor Stealey and students; CDI-01-1222: Child Care Center Planning, (Far right) President Dr. Sydnor Stealey, (Fourth from left) Professor Dr. John T. Wayland, and (Second from right) Thelma Arnote; CDI-01-1223: Library Dedication, Librarian Edwin Osborne; CDI-01-1224: Dr. Sydnor Stealey, This photograph was probably taken 1962 - 1963; CDI-01-1225: "First Gift to Stealey Shelf - Alumni President John Scalf (center) presents Professor Ben Fisher, administrative assistant to the president, with the first check contributed to the Stealey Library Shelf, while Bill Palmer, special gifts chairman (right), looks pleased."; CDI-01-1226: This photograph was taken in 1956.; CDI-01-1227: Student Missions Conference, This photograph was taken 1959.; CDI-01-1228: "Dr. Sydnor Stealey illustrates the approximate number of books an endowed shelf will purchase in 5 years."; CDI-01-1229: Dr. Sydnor Stealey; CDI-01-1230: Faculty, (From left to right) Dr. Pope Duncan, Dr. William Strickland, Dr. Marc Lovelace, and Dr. John Steely
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  • 1953 to 1970
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