SEBTS Chapel - Joe Ingram February 29, 1984

  • Joe Ingram was the Executive Director and Treasurer of the Oklahoma Baptist Convention. The service begins with organ music (00:00-01:15). President Randall Lolley delivers a Scripture reading, and he gives a word of prayer (01:16-03:02). Joe Ingram is introduced as the chapel speaker (03:03-07:55). A song of worship is performed (07:56-10:36). Ingram preaches on the human striving for the better, and he says that Jesus is only one who can make man better and the only one who can orient man to seek the better (10:37-26:51). Ingram ends the service with a word of prayer (26:52-27:25).
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  • February 29, 1984
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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