SEBTS Chapel - Leila and Paul Stennett January 12, 1984

  • Leila and Paul Stennett were Master of Divinity students. The service begins with the song “Jesus Paid It All” being played on the organ (00:00-02:07). The speaker delivers the Scripture reading from Psalm 95, and a word of prayer is given (02:08-03:43). A song of worship is performed (03:44-07:23). Leila Stennett reads Psalm 139, and she reads a prayer about her spiritual growth towards God (07:24-12:58). Paul Stennett reads from John 14, and he delivers a sermonette about spiritual growth and knowing God (12:59-18:18). Leila Stennett ends the service with a benediction (18:19-18:47).
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  • January 12, 1984
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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