SEBTS Chapel - Claude Y. Stewart, Jr. April 13, 1983

  • Claude Y. Stewart, Jr. was Associate Professor of Theology. Chapel is opened in prayer (0:00-0:17). Scripture is read from Colossians 2:8-15 and Romans 3:21-25 (0:17-2:40). The service is continued in prayer (2:40-3:45). Dr. Stewart discusses how Christ’s life has great impact on how Christian’s live their lives (3:45-7:21. He notes that two significant pieces of Christ’s life are seen in Colossians where He is victor and in Romans where He is sacrificial and again victor (7:21-8:20). Dr. Stewart notes Christ’s conflict with the power of Satan during His earthly ministry and the work of the cross proved that God had ultimately won over those powers. The life of Jesus and His death were both ultimate victory (8:20-17:37). Dr. Stewart then states that God’s work is costly because God’s work is redemptive work, as Romans demonstrates. (17:37-23:12). He states that Christ won the victory man could not win and made the sacrifice man could not make. Now believers must continue to fight against Satan and live sacrificial lives (23:12-24:02). Dr. Stewart closes in prayer (24:02-24:41). Audio drops to a very low level at 6:18.
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  • April 13, 1983
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