SEBTS Chapel - Student Coordinating Council September 25, 1969

  • The service begins with Joseph D. Coltrane introducing the Vice Chairman of the Student Coordinating Council, Leroy Fitz, and its Secretary Treasurer, Peggy Pore, leading the congregation in reading Psalm 24 (01:13-02:22) and prayer (02:31-04:56), respectively (00:00-04:56). The speaker states the Student Coordinating Council’s purpose (04:57-06:59), and various committee charimen speak. Firstly, Wayne Coley speaks as the dramatics committee head (07:00-08:24). Secondly, Jerry Robertson speaks as the athletics committee head (08:25-11:25). Thirdly, Gene Carnette speaks as the welfare committee head (11:26-13:13). Fourthly, Dianne White speaks as the chairman of the social committee (13:44-15:03). Fifthly, Ron Midlan speaks as the chairman of the ethics committee (15:15-17:47). Sixthly, Judy Henson speaks as the head of the music committee of the SCC (18:01-19:18). Next, Coltrane presents the committee’s student representatives to speak (19:19-22:37). Lastly, Coltrane presents some immediate challenges the SCC will be facing in the life of the seminary (22:43-25:54) before closing in prayer (25:55-27:03).
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  • September 25, 1969
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