SEBTS Chapel - Crate Jones February 28, 1964

  • The title of the address is "Seeing Jesus,” and the main Scriptures include the following: Luke 24:25-27, 32, 50-53, Acts 7:55-56. This chapel's opening Scripture is Psalm 119:1-2, referring to those who are blessed who walk in the law of the LORD, who keep His testimonies, and who seek Him with their whole heart (00:50-01:00). The opening prayer speaks of thanksgiving to God, preparation of the hearts of those listening, and full reception of the message, for God's glory (01:13-03:35). An introduction is given for Crate Jones: a native of Louisville, Kentucky, who served as Pastor of a church in Rolesville, North Carolina. He has a college degree from the University of Wake Forest, and he has a theological degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (03:40-04:37). His message focuses on the three ways we will see Jesus: from the Scriptures, in our own hearts, and one day, in person (04:42-06:33). He gives six comparisons to Jesus's humanity and divinity from the Gospels, ranging from Jesus's calming the storm to resurrecting from death in glory (12:37-14:28). He gives an illustration from Dr. E. Stanley Jones about seeing Jesus in our hearts, viewing Christ's work on the cross as "Love crucified by sin" (15:22-18:44) Through a classroom illustration, Jones makes the point that the only thing God cannot see is sin which has been covered by the blood of Jesus (18:45-19:53). Finally, from 1 John 3:2, Crate Jones concludes his message by leading his hearers to imagine gazing upon the person of Jesus Christ forever in Heaven (20:30-25:54). His closing prayer is that Jesus would become even more real to Christians and that they may know Him from the Scriptures (27:48-29:00).
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  • February 28, 1964
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