SEBTS Chapel - Ben F. Philbeck February 24, 1983

  • Ben F. Philbeck was Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament. Chapel opens with the reading of a hymn and introduction of congregational song (0:00-1:19). Undecipherable music (1:19-5:55). Dr. Philbeck discusses the change that takes place for students when they begin seminary, but he encourages students in finding direction when things change (5:55-11:43). He uses the example of the Israelites and their exile to Babylon to illustrate similar responses believers might ask today during change and how God responds that there is a purpose to their current circumstances (11:43-17:01). He uses Isaiah 42 to show how the Lord responds that He placed His people where they are for specific ministry, for God’s power and care to be known, and so believers today are to live with the same understanding (17:01-25:38). Dr. Philbeck closes chapel in prayer (25:38-26:04).
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  • February 24, 1983
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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