SEBTS Chapel - Sydnor Lorenzo Stealey April 8, 1961

  • Sydnor Lorenzo Stealey was the first president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He begins the service with prayer (00:00-00:29) and a report of the death of one of the trustees, Dr. Elliot, among other updates (00:30-04:07). He then transitions into his message with explanations of the meanings of Luke 19:11-27 (04:08-08:17) and of Luke 11:1-13, with several illustrations (08:18-18:59). He then transitions into talking about the modern Cuban Crisis, with America’s involvement in it, reminding the congregation of Jesus’s example of turning toward God and receiving the right spirit for wisdom (19:00-22:45). He ends with an exhortation to Southern Baptists in his own time (22:46-23:26) before praying (23:27-23:59).
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  • April 8, 1961
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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