SEBTS Chapel - Olin Trivette Binkley April 12, 1962

  • The service begins with the reading of Psalm 122:1 and Psalm 43:3a (00:00-00:33) and prayer (00:34-02:03). There was no introduction for Olin Trivette Binkley, but he was Academic Dean and Professor of Christian Sociology and Ethics at SEBTS. He begins by focusing on the integrity of servants of God in a theological school amidst the pressures and problems in a very complex and dynamic society (02:04-03:55). He draws attention to three basic convictions: first, the Living God knows us as we are and loves us (03:56-04:20); second, God, who offers salvation, demands something of us that is consonant with His nature (04:21-04:37); third, God has revealed Himself to us as the God of mercy and truth (04:38-05:16). He then speaks about the two factors of interpersonal relationships in seminary: first, honesty in straightforward speech (05:17-07:22); second, the integrity of mind and conscience involves affectionate loyalty to whole persons and to the whole fellowship of the school, having compassion, humility, and courage (07:23-17:04). He ends with prayer (17:05-17:37).
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