SEBTS Chapel - R. Logan Carson November 16, 1994

  • R. Logan Carson was Professor of Theology. Carson opens his sermon with a word of thanks to the faculty, and he tells a story of the Lord’s provision (00:00-02:55). He gives a word of prayer (02:56-03:36). Before reading his passage, Carson says that the theme of his message is on the will of God being done in a believer’s life (03:37-05:40). He exegetes Luke 22:39-42, and he focuses on Jesus aligning his will to the Father’s will (05:41-12:26). He continues to verses 43 and 44 to allude to Jesus’ finished work on the cross (12:27-16:40). Carson reads from Matthew 1:18-25, and he charges his audience to be like Joseph and submit their wills to God’s will (16:41-21:34). He recounts a story of when his almost died and his conclusion to submit to God’s will if it was His decision to take her home (21:35-22:33). Carson concludes his sermon by speaking on God’s good will, and he affirms that we can trust in his will because of his grace and sacrifice for us (22:34-28:19). Carson ends the service with a word of prayer (28:20-30:32).
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