SEBTS Conference - Herschel H. Hobbs January 29, 1980 PM

  • Herschel H. Hobbs was pastor emeritus of the First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City and former president of the Southern Baptist Convention. This message was part of the Conference on Biblical Authority. The conference begins with President Randall Lolley sharing a story about Donald Myers reviving his friends Herschel Hobbs after a car wreck (0:00:00-0:01:18). Donald Myers gives a word of prayer (0:01:19-0:03:02). Lolley gives a responsive reading, and he introduces Herschel Hobbs as the conference speaker (0:03:03-0:09:52). The audience sings a song of worship (0:09:53-0:14:40). Hobbs begins his message by thanking the seminary for giving him the opportunity to speak, and he mentions a few speaking engagements he plans to attend in the next few weeks (0:14:41-0:16:25). He gives the details about the car cash story that President Lolley shared, and he shares a few jokes about the Texas A&M Aggies (0:16:26-0:28:08). Hobbs speaks on the authority of the Bible and how its uniqueness makes it authoritative (02:28:09-0:38:51). He then speaks about science and history, and he states that the Bible does not err in either of these areas (0:38:52-0:56:39). He concludes his message by speaking on the spiritual message of the Bible, specifically its centrality on Christ (0:56:40-1:14:26). Hobbs ends the conference with a word of prayer (1:14:27-1:15:14).
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  • January 29, 1980
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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