SEBTS Chapel - William Randall Lolley July 15, 1980

  • William Randall Lolley was the 3rd president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Lolley opens the service by speaking on Article 18 of the Abstract of Principles, “The Liberty of Conscience,” and he gives a word of prayer (00:00-05:24). Lolley speaks on 1 Timothy 3:17 as the seminary’s mission statement or “tav,” and he argues that the seminary’s purpose is to train men and women to be what God has called them to be (05:25-21:16). He ends the sermon by giving a welcome to the students and faculty as they enter the second summer term (21:17-26:07). Lolley ends the service with a prayer (26:08-26:37).
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  • July 15, 1980
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