Notable Alumni and Alumni Chapter Presidents circa 1958-1992

  • CDI-01-2755: Johnny Hunt, Alumni; CDI-01-2756: Robert R. Davis, Alabama; CDI-01-2757: J. Dave Turner, New York Chapter; CDI-01-2758: Alumni, Reverend Harold Allen Taylor, Class of 1963, President of the Florida Chapter; CDI-01-2759: Lynn Hamner, North Carolina Chapter; CDI-01-2760: Edward R. Lycett, First Baptist Church Lagrange, Georgia; CDI-01-2761: Frank Campbell, Alumni and Trustee; CDI-01-2762: Dr. Johnny Hunt; CDI-01-2765: Robert N. Nash; CDI-01-2766: Terry L. Davis, Maryland Chapter; CDI-01-2768: Willard Brown, Pastor of Wake Forest Baptist Church; CDI-01-2770: Jamie Hall, 1960; CDI-01-2771: Jack Clifford, Bill Tomlinson, and John Platt; CDI-01-2772: Thomas A. Hayes; CDI-01-2773: Earl Davis, President of the Tennessee Chapter; CDI-01-2774: C. Ann Sharpe; CDI-01-2775: Mr. and Mrs. Paulo N. Rehn; CDI-01-2776: Chaplain, Lt. Col. Don Bickers; CDI-01-2777: Reverend Lloyd; CDI-01-2778: James McBride, Maryland Chapter; CDI-01-2779: Clint Hopkins, President of Virginia Chapter; CDI-01-2780: Pastor Jerry D. Jarrell, Pine Bower Baptist Church, President of the Georgia Chapter; CDI-01-2781: Dale L. Chambliss, Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church; CDI-01-2782: Isam Ballenger, 1959; CDI-01-2783: Jack Partain, President of the Missouri Chapter; CDI-01-2784: Jerry A. Songer, Tennessee Chapter; CDI-01-2785: J Bruce Dellinger and John B. Dellinger of the Missouri Chapter; CDI-01-2790_A: Dr. R. D. Spear, Director of Chaplain Services; CDI-01-2794: Harry E Bryd; CDI-01-2795: Antes and Oilme Rebane; CDI-01-2796: Kevin Wilson; CDI-01-2797: Bill Gwaltney; CDI-01-2798: Dan Wackerhagen and Doug Lax; CDI-01-2800: (Right) Sam James, 1958 First year student; CDI-01-2801: "Location: Rama Israel, Rama Baptist Church worship service with missionary Ray G. Register, Jr., left, and George Kazzoura, pastor (b/w internegative available)"
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  • CDI-01-2755/2801
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  • 1958 to 1992
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