SEBTS Chapel - B. Elmo Scoggin April 12, 1983

  • B. Elmo Scoggin was Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament. This was a memorial service for the Holocaust. Dr. Scoggin gives introduction to the service and about a Hebrew remembrance day (0:00-5:49). Dr. Scoggin leads in prayer (5:49-9:30). Dr. Scoggin reflects on the great changes in the world and the importance for keeping remembrance for the loss of those during World War II (9:30-12:12). He says this remembrance is important because it is the moral thing to do and to help prevent such things in the future (12:12-19:20). Dr. Scoggin leads in prayer to close the chapel service (19:20-21:47).
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  • April 12, 1983
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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