SEBTS Adams Lecture - Thomas H. Conley February 9, 1982

  • Thomas H. Conley was the senior minister of North Side Drive Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA. The service begins with President Randall Lolley welcoming everyone to the pastor’s seminar, and he gives an endorsement of a book written by Dr. James Tull (00:00-04:45). Lolley gives a word of prayer (04:46-05:19). A moment of silence is given for Theodore F. Adams, and Thomas H. Conley is introduced as the Adams Lecturer (05:20-11:03). The choir sings the anthem (11:04-12:10). Conley begins his lecture giving a word of honor to Theodore F. Adams and a word of thanks to Morris Ashcraft, John Carlton, and Furman Hewitt (12:11-16:28). The tittle and theme of Conley’s lecture is “Assumptions of the Preaching Ministry.” He says his first assumption is that there is one body of Christ, and he focuses on the one baptism and how this principle effects a church’s membership policy (16:29-25:28). Conley’s second assumption looks at Christian education, and he says that effective preaching should have an element of teaching to equip the saints (25:29-33:33). Conley’s third assumption looks at worship, and he urges Baptists to return to the great liturgical tradition of the church (33:34-42:21). Conley’s fourth assumption is none of the above assumptions, and he focuses on the laity that need the hope that comes through the preaching (42:22-52:55). President Lolley ends the service with a word of prayer (52:56-53:44).
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  • February 9, 1982
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