Chapel Exterior and Interior circa 1958-1982

  • CDI-01-1496: Binkley Chapel interior, October 1975; CDI-01-1487: Binkley Chapel interior, October 1975; CDI-01-1498: Binkley Chapel, 1976; CDI-01-1499: Binkley Chapel interior, 1976; CDI-01-1503: Binkley Chapel interior, 1976; CDI-01-1504: Binkley Chapel interior, 1976; CDI-01-1507: Binkley Chapel spire; CDI-01-1509: Binkley Chapel spire; CDI-01-1510: Binkley Chapel spire; CDI-01-1511: Binkley Chapel; CDI-01-1522: Binkley Chapel; CDI-01-1523: Binkley Chapel exterior; CDI-01-1524: Binkley Chapel; CDI-01-1525: Binkley Chapel; CDI-01-1527: Binkley Chapel; CDI-01-1528: Commencement in Binkley Chapel, August 7, 1968; CDI-01-1529: Binkley Chapel; CDI-01-1530: Binkley Chapel; CDI-01-1531: Binkley Chapel; CDI-01-15232: Binkley Chapel exterior; CDI-01-1533: Binkley Chapel spire; CDI-01-1534: Binkley Chapel; CDI-01-1535: Binkley Chapel; CDI-01-1536: Binkley Chapel spire; CDI-01-1537: Binkley Chapel spire; CDI-01-1538: Binkley Chapel; CDI-01-1539; Binkley Chapel spire, 1962; CDI-01-1540: Binkley Chapel
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  • November 5, 2020
  • CDI-01-1496/1542
Date Created
  • 1958 to 1982
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    Communication Department Images - Series 1, Archives and Special Collections, Library at Southeastern, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC.
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