SEBTS Chapel - C. Michael Hawn and John I. Durham March 3, 1983

  • This chapel service was titled “Our Fathers in Faith: A Service in Word and Song” and was led by Drs. John I. Durham and Michael Hawn. John I. Durham was Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament. C. Michael Hawn was Associate Professor of Church Music. Chapel opens with a reading and song by the choir (0:00-2:58). Dr. Durham leads the audience in the Shema Yisrael (2:58-3:42). Dr. Durham leads in prayer (3:42-5:10). The choir leads in song (5:10-8:26). Dr. Durham reads about Abraham from Genesis (8:26-10:57). The choir leads in song (10:57-12:45). Dr. Durham discusses stories from Judaism and of Abraham (12:45-19:44). The choir leads in song (19:44-23:08). Dr. Durham leads in Hebrew (23:08-23:30). The choir leads in a song (23:30-24:43). Chapel concludes with a moment of silent prayer for a former student who passed away (24:43-25:19).
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  • March 3, 1983
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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