SEBTS Chapel - William R. Steininger October 27, 1965

  • The service opens with the reading of an excerpt from the poem “The Marshes of Glynn” by Sidney Lanier (1842-1881), (00:00-00:32) the singing of hymn #263, (00:33-01:16) the mention of responsive reading of Selection 88 entitled “Victorious Assurance,” and an opening prayer (01:17-04:21). An introduction is given for William R. Steininger, the Chaplain of Dorothea Dix Hospital in Raleigh, NC for fifteen years, concerning his education, chaplaincy, and ministerial background (04:22-05:13). Steininger offers reading Romans 12 as an introduction to his message which is titled “The Greatest Journey” (05:14-07:07). In describing life as a journey, Steininger begins by saying our experiences are all similar yet unique, mostly ordinary yet sometimes special (07:08-17:24). He describes all of life as beginning with a question mark of discovery and ending with an exclamation point of finding what was searched for. He finishes his message by saying that the greatest thing we are searching for in this life is God, and He has been revealed in the person of Jesus Christ (17:25-22:14). He ends his time in prayer to God (22:15-23:02), and instrumental music ends the service (23:03-23:40).
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  • October 27, 1965
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