Students SEBTS 1960's

  • CDI-01-0024: Seminar on Urban Studies, (Standing on left) Dr. Luther Copeland, 1969; CDI-01-0025: (Center) Dr. Tom Bland, 1969; CDI-01-0026: 1969; CDI-01-0027: 1969; CDI-01-0028: This photograph has a note on the back that reads, "From Wilmington College", 1969; CDI-01-0029: This photograph has a note on the back that reads "From Norfolk, VA, 1969; CDI-01-0030: 1969; CDI-01-0031: (Left) Dr. George Shriver and (Right) Reverend Ronald McLaughlin, 1969; CDI-01-0032: This photograph has a note on the back that reads, "a group from Gardner." 1969; CDI-01-0033: 1969; CDI-01-0037: 1969; CDI-01-0039: 1969; CDI-01-0041: Missions Conference, 1964; CDI-01-0042: Missions Conference, 1964; CDI-01-0043: Missions Conference, Frances Hudgins, 1964; CDI-01-0044: Missions Conference, (Standing, left) Dr. Truman Smith and (Center) Dr. Elmo Scoggin, 1964; CDI-01-0045: Missions Conference, Mr. and Mrs. Zeb Moss, 1964; CDI-01-0046: Missions Conference, Ross Coggins, 1964; CDI-01-0047: Missions Conference, (Left to right) Member of the General Planning Committee Lida Henderson, Faculty Advisor Dr. Luther Copeland, Program Director Joe Clontz, Publicity Director Peggy Claunch, 1967; CDI-01-0048: (Center) Bill Bell, Agriculture and Technical College, Greensboro, North Carolina, 1969; CDI-01-0049: Wingate College, (On the right, cut off person) Steve Geiger, 1969; CDI-01-0050: (Middle) Dr. Luther Copeland and (Right) Dr. George Shriver, 1969; CDI-01-0051: Dr. Luther Copeland and Dr. Walter Knight, 1969; CDI-01-0052: Reverend Charles and Charlotte Davis, 1969; CDI-01-0053: Dr. George W. Webber and Brother Frank of the Taize Community, 1969; CDI-01-0054: Wingate College, Truman Smith, Dr. Frank Lide, and Connie Dillon, 1969; CDI-01-0055: Dr. Luther Copeland and Walter Knight, Editor of Home Mission Magazine, 1969; CDI-01-0056: (Speaking) Cecil Etheridge of the Home Mission Board, 1969; CDI-01-0057: Walter L. Knight of the Home Mission Magazine, 1969; CDI-01-0058: (Left to right) Dr. Thomas A. Bland, Reverend Gerald M. Davis, Dr. E. Luther Copeland, Secretary of City and Metropolitan Missions of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina Reverend Ernest C. Upchurch, 1969; CDI-01-0060: Student Missions, 1962; CDI-01-0061: Missions Conference, CC Smith, 1962 - 1963; CDI-01-0062: Student Missions Conference, Nathan Porter and the back of this photograph also contains a note that reads, "Student Meffords(Spain) (rt)", 1962 - 1963; CDI-02-0063: Student Missions Conference, 1962 - 1963; CDI-01-0064: Student Missions Conference, 1962 - 1963; CDI-01-0065: Student Missions Conference, 1962 - 1963; CDI-01-0066: Student Missions Conference, 1962 - 1963; CDI-01-0067: Student Missions Conference, Dr. John Claypool, 1962 - 1963; CDI-01-0068: Student Missions Conference, (Left) Dr. George Shriver and (Center) Dr. Harold Oliver, 1962 - 1963
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  • 1960 to 1969
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