SEBTS Chapel - Edwin Calhoun Osburn October 12, 1965

  • The service begins with a brief prayer, (00:00-00:25) and although there was no formal introduction for Edwin Calhoun Osburn, he was the Librarian at SEBTS. He begins his message by casting the minds of his listeners to think on God rightly according to the Scriptures (00:48-02:58), reading aloud Psalm 145 (02:59-04:55) and leading the responsive reading of Selection 62 (04:56-07:30). He mentions the hymn, “My Father’s World,” pointing to the day when Jesus Christ will reconcile God and creation into harmonious relationship (07:31-08:31). He then transitions into the responsive reading of Selection 30, entitled “God our security” (08:32-11:04). Continuing to focus on God as our refuge and salvation, Osburn transitions to reading aloud Psalm 37 (11:05-14:16). He concludes by reminding his listeners that in God we find refuge, adoring Him for His mighty works; also, we find in God assurance and hope (14:17-14:35). He then closes with a hymn, of which the audio is cut out (14:36-14:39), and a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6:9-13 (14:40-15:13).
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  • October 12, 1965
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