SEBTS Student Missions Conference - February 18, 1967 AM

  • The service begins with music and transitions into the first of two addresses, entitled “Trouble-Shooters For God.” In the first address, Eva Marie Kennard first outlines the purpose of the natural beauty of the created world as being designed to lead us to marvel at God, and she focuses next on being trouble-shooters for God. These people are those who find mechanical breakdowns and repair them to their original working order (00:00-11:39). In the second address entitled “The Trouble With the World,” Ross Coggins outlines this trouble with sin, displaying its effects in major world issues such as a hardening of the categories we have created (slavery and obesity), emotional disturbances (suicide and the need to go to war to prove strength), and metaphysical myopia (not knowing where God is or what He is doing). Coggins closes his message by speaking to a condition of the heart which he calls “passion fatigue” (11:40-44:51), and he ends his address in prayer (44:52-45:46). The service closes with music which gets louder toward 46:02.
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  • February 18, 1967
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