SEBTS Chapel - Sam Williams April 3, 2003

  • Sam Williams was Professor of Counseling. He begins is sermon by speaking about the doctrine of man, and he briefly talks about his childhood and family, specifically his brother Rick (00:00-08:32). Williams reads from 1 Corinthians 6:9-20, and his main topic is the theology of the body. His first point is the principle of redemption, and he says that the people of God need to be reminded that their bodies have been washed and sanctified (08:33-17:48). Williams second point is the principle of liberty, and he says that followers of Christ must discipline their bodies in their walk with God so that no earthly thing can master over them (17:49-22:29). Williams third point is the principle of resurrection, and he says that the body is created by God, redeemed by God, and its destiny is in the hands of God to be glorified, to be made for immortality (22:30-35:11). Williams final point is the principle of residency, and he says that the believer’s body is now God’s dwelling place through the Holy Spirit (35:12-43:41).
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