SEBTS Spring Conference - Findley Bartow Edge March 26, 1982

  • Audio quality is poor. Findley Bartow Edge was the Basil Manley Jr. Professor of Christian Education at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The service begins with a word of prayer (00:00-01:10). The speaker gives a few announcements, and Findley Bartow Edge is introduced as the Spring Conference lecturer (01:11-06:09). Edge begins his sermon by speaking about the warm relationships he has had with many of the faculty and staff at Southeastern, and he says that the big problem for Southern Baptist is that they have lost the essence and dynamic of their doctrine (06:10-18:51). Edge centers his focus on the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers, defines it as all Christians being ministers, and he explains how the Southern Baptists laity have wrongly given all their priestly responsibilities to their paid ministers (18:52-43:00). Edge concludes his sermon with a football illustration of a coach playing and the team standing on the side lines to show how Southern Baptist have been operating while still advocating for the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers (43:01-50:01). Edge ends the service with a word of prayer (50:02-51:10).
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  • March 26, 1982
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