SEBTS Chapel - Ellis W. Hollon, Jr. April 17, 1970

  • Ellis W. Hollon, Jr. was Associate Professor of Philosophy of Religion at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. The service begins with a reading of Matthew 5:14-16 and John 8:12 (0:00-0:59). Afterwards, a prayer is offered (1:00-1:50). Hollen’s message demonstrates how each believer is to be a light in the world. Hollen begins with an introduction (1:51-3:06). He continues by reading a poem which illustrates Jesus as the true light of the world (3:07-3:32). He then explains that a believer’s purpose is also to be a light in the world (3:33-4:56). He states that in order to be a light, a believer must demonstrate certain characteristics. (4:57-5:10). The first is that a believer must see the need of a lost world (5:11-10:31). The second is that a believer must feel compassion for the world (10:32-19:48). The final is that a believer must have an unfaltering trust in God (19:49-23:41). He closes in prayer (23:42-24:41).
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  • April 17, 1970
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