SEBTS Chapel - Henry Riley February 15, 1961

  • The service begins with the reading of Psalm 42:1-2 (00:00-00:21) and prayer (00:22-01:52). Information about interactions between students and faculty is shared (01:53-03:35), and a brief introduction/welcome is given for Henry Riley, the speaker, as well as those present with him from Duke Divinity School (03:36-04:25). He reads from Mark 8:34-38 as his sermon text (04:26-06:16) before praying (06:17-07:14). He begins by speaking about different types of anxiety, highlighting the most severe and costly as the anxiety of the cross—the anxiety of losing one’s life in hope it will be raised up again (07:15-12:00). This anxiety of the cross calls for one to totally deny self, to participate in Jesus Christ, and to live worthy of the gospel, even Jesus Christ Himself (12:01-18:12). He ends his time in prayer (18:13-18:55), and choral music closes the service (18:56-24:22).
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  • February 15, 1961
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