SEBTS Chapel - Wilbur Todd April 29, 1969

  • The service begins with the mention of the recent tragic death of Norris Wilson, a SEBTS graduate from Henderson (00:00-00:38), followed by a reading of Psalm 34:1-3 (00:38-01:00). No introduction was given for Wilbur Todd, but he was Business Manager at SEBTS. He speaks on the individual familiarities of the two words “soul” and “power” in the world (01:01-03:47). He then considers the words together, “soul power,” to mean for the Christian one’s “strength of mind and heart” (03:48-04:21). Some say that God’s power can work in and through us only if we surrender to the point where this is possible; this view leads to a mindless, robotic obedience which is unlike the way God created us to love Him (04:22-06:37). Some effectively believe, while they may not say, they are self-sufficient, without need of Christian discipleship in their own lives (06:38-08:03). Todd argues that for most Christians, these two views are both present but balanced. Our soul power comes from the indwelling presence of the living Christ (08:04-12:09). He ends his time in prayer (12:10-12:39).
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