SEBTS Chapel - Ellis W. Hollon, Jr. April 22, 1971

  • Ellis W. Hollon was Associate Professor of Philosophy of Religion at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Hollon’s message is on wisdom and higher education. Hollon begins by reading two sections from the book of Proverbs (0:00-3:08). Hollon continues by discussing the value of finding wisdom (3:09-4:31). He explains why believers must seek wisdom and higher education (4:32-4:54). However, he also examines various harmful reasons people might wrongfully seek higher education (4:55-19:36). He concludes by analyzing the value of education, illustrating that everyone should seek a higher education and wisdom in order to receive personal freedom (19:37-29:17). He closes in prayer (29:18-29:58).
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  • April 22, 1971
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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