SEBTS Missions Conference - Stephen Neill & Srimati Kamala February 1982

  • Stephen Neill was an Anglican Bishop of Tirunelveli, India and principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. Srimati Kamala was the Administrative President of the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Foundation and a full-time minister of the Self-Revelation Church of Absolute Monism in Washington DC. Stephen Neill and Srimati Kamala are introduced as the guest speakers (0:00:00-0:04:29). Neill shares various stories about his time as a missionary, and he speaks about how Christ is the friendship and relational bond with our neighbors of whom we may share little cultural similarities (0:04:30-0:30:53). Kamala shares how Hinduism and Christianity have similar ideas of how one relates to God, and she specifically focuses on the path to becoming one with God (0:30:54-1:05:43). The speaker thanks each of the guests for their lectures, and she invites everyone to the cafeteria for a time of Q&A (1:05:44-1:06:38). The first question is for Kamala, and it is about how a Hindu comes to an awareness of God (1:06:39-1:12:11). The second question is for both Neill and Kamala, and it is about the differences and similarities between Hinduism and Christianity (1:12:12-1:21:56). The third question is for both Neill and Kamala, and it is about the relationship between the incarnation and the Hindu Caste System (1:21:57-1:27:07). The fourth question is primarily for Kamala, but Neill gives his own comments, and it is about the conflict between individualism and oneness found in Christianity and Hinduism (1:27:08-1:32:24). The fifth question is for both Neill and Kamala, and it is about politics in both Christianity and Hinduism (1:32:25-1:39:52). The final question is for both Kamala and Neill, and it is about the exclusivity of Christianity and Jesus being the way to eternal life. Audio quality begins to become poor at this point (1:39:53-1:53:10).
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