SEBTS Chapel - M. Ray McKay April 6, 1962

  • The service begins with the theme of worship as the responsibility of growing missionary churches (00:00-00:32), the reading of Isaiah 52:1-7 (00:33-02:49), and prayer (02:50-04:45). The service continues with singing (04:46-08:17). There is no introduction for the speaker, M. Ray McKay, but he was Professor of Preaching at SEBTS. He begins by saying that every informed and obedient Christian is a missionary, for God in Christ displayed this exact love toward the world (08:18-15:49). The third aspect for Christians in this way is maturity, which can be reached in no other fashion than to have the world on their hearts in the same way as God (15:50-18:16). Everyone, everywhere who is an informed, obedient Christian is a missionary, and this task is not only up to foreign missionaries but up to local churches as well (18:17-19:33). He then responds to “how” to grow a missionary church by saying the pastor must be: first, a missionary himself in understanding, spirit, and purpose (19:34-20:08); second, the pastor will include missions in his preaching (20:09-21:07); third, he must have a planned educational procedure for the church (21:08-23:06). He closes with a benedictory prayer (23:07-23:31), and the service ends with singing (23:32-24:36).
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  • April 6, 1962
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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