Awards and Recipients 1975-1980

  • CDI-0523: Awards, (Left) O.L. Cross with Debra Friffis, October 1975; CDI-01-0524: Eileen Stone (Shinn Scholarship) with Dr. Randall Lolley; CDI-01-0526: Easterby Awards Recipients, (Front row, left to right) Danny Hawkins, Janice Wilson, Lynne Powers, Debra Griffis, Marty Turner, Lowell Hallman, and (Back row, left to right) Carey Hedgpeth, Lee Gurney, Wayne Woodard, Thomas Vestal, (Absent from the picture) John David Cochran; CDI-01-0527: 1978; CDI-01-0528: 1978; CDI-01-0529: Fall Scholarship Recipients, (Front Row, left to right) William R. Norman (Weatherspoon Scholarship), Victor Nickerson (Scott Appleby), Dawn Sarchet (Edna Harris Award), Dr. Randall Lolley, Jean Elliott (J.F. Tompkins Missionary Award), Larry Elliott (L.B. Holden Foreign Mission Award), and Terry L. Davis (Laura D. Powers Award). (Back row, standing left to right) Ralph Hooker (William Carr Roberts Award), Michael Jones (Robert McAnnich Award), Robert Degges (General Scholarship Award), Gary Fisher (J. Nixon Daniel Scholarship), James Dobey (Larry Love Memorial Scholarship), Grovan McClelland (George T. Noel III, Scholarship), and Robert Feagle (George T. Noel III, Scholarship). Absent: Robin Baker (Edna Harris Award) and William Walker (Stanley Scholarship), 1977; CDI-01-0530: Frasier Awards Scholarships, 1978; CDI-01-0531: Scholarships, September 1978; CDI-01-0532: This photograph was taken by David F. Haywood, 1978; CDI-01-0533: Frasier Scholarships, 1979 - 1980; CDI-01-0534: All Scholarships, 1976; CDI-01-0535: Grovan McLellan (Broyhill Scholarship) and (Right) Dr. Randall Lolley, 1976; CDI-01-0536: Anthony Oakley (Appleby Scholarship) and (Right) Dr. Randall Lolley; CDI-01-0537: Lawrence Dennis (Shinn Scholarship) with Dr. Randall Lolley, 1976; CDI-01-0538: Debra Griffis (Morgan Scholarship) with Dr. Randall Lolley, 1976; CDI-01-0539: Norman Lindsey (Shinn Scholarship) with Dr. Randall Lolley, 1976; CDI-01-0540: All Scholarships (Sans the Shinn Scholarship) Grovan McClellan, Harold Armstrong, Debra Griffis, Anthony Oakley, Thomas Huddleston (Noel Scholarship), Bruce Hancock (Stealey Scholarship), Not pictured Brenda Kneece; CDI-01-0541: Harold Armstrong (Weatherspoon Scholarship) with Dr. Randall Lolley, 1976; CDI-01-0542: Shinn Scholarships B.R. Glenn Graves, Lawrence Dennis, Roger Thompson, William Moyer F.R. Eileen Stone, Joseph Winston, two unidentified individuals, Michael Jones, Kenneth Moore, Norman Lindsey, an unidentified person, Christal Williams, and Stuart Wilkinson, Not pictured Michael Knowles., CDI-01-0543: All Scholarships, 1976; CDI-01-0544: Scholarships (Sans the Shinn Scholarship), 1976; CDI-01-0545: All Scholarships, 1976
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  • 1975 to 1980
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