BWA Alliance Committee Conference 1966

  • CDI-01-0167: Southern Baptist Convention, (Sitting) Ben Fisher; CDI-01-0168: Southern Baptist Convention, (Left) Dr. Ben Fisher, the first recruiter at Southeastern, 1961; CDI-01-0169: Baptist World Alliance; CDI-01-0170: (Standing on left) Dr. Theodore Adams, Baptist World Alliance, 1961; CDI-01-0171: "Mr. Mac White interviewing Sr. Alfonso Olmedo from San Luis, Argentina. Miss Tonya Gamble at the camera." Baptist World Alliance, 1961; CDI-01-0172: Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Baptist World Alliance Executive Committee Interview by WTVD (located in Durham, North Carolina). "Mr. Mac White interviewing Sr. Alfonso Olmedo from San Luis, Argentina. Miss Tonya Gamble at the camera.", June 27, 1961; CDI-01-0173: Baptist World Alliance, 1961; CDI-01-0176: Baptist World Alliance, 1961; CDI-01-0177: (Left) Liberian Vice-President William Tolbert, Baptist World Alliance, 1961; CDI-01-0718: Baptist World Alliance, 1961; CDI-01-0181: Baptist World Alliance, 1961; CDI-01-0182: Baptist World Alliance, (Standing center) Dr. Sydnor Stealey; CDI-01-0183: Baptist World Alliance, 1961; CDI-01-0184: Baptist World Alliance, (Center) Dr. Stewart Newman, 1961; CDI-01-0185: Baptist World Alliance; (Left) Trustee Dr. Claud Bower and (Center) Mrs. Claud Bower, 1961; CDI-01-0186: Baptist World Alliance, Liberian Official, "Vice President William R. Tolbert (left) of Liberia is greeted at Raleigh-Durham airport by George M. Stephens, Jr., representing Gov. Sanford. Others are Francis A. Dennis, counselor in the Liberian embassy in Washington, Ben C. Fisher, director of public relations at Southeastern Seminary, and Dr. Robert Denny of Washington, youth secretary for the Baptist World Alliance."; CDI-01-0187: Baptist World Alliance, 1961; Three professors are included in this photograph. (First row, sixth from right) Dr. E. A. McDowell, (Back row, first from the right) Dr. Stewart Newman, and (Fifth from right) Dr. Theodore Adams; CDI-01-0188: Baptist World Alliance
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  • June 27, 1966
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