SEBTS Chapel - Sherrill G. Stevens April 24, 1969

  • The service opens with responsive reading #73 in the hymnals (00:00-02:50) and prayer (02:51-06:36). No introduction is given for Sherrill G. Stevens, but he was Instructor in New Testament at SEBTS. His message begins with the subject of crusades for territorial conquest, including the Israelite conquering of the Holy Land and the infamous Crusades of the Church. He mentions that the Crusades have not been a mixed evil or purely beneficial for the Church and the world, but they have been tainted by man’s sinfulness while remaining a picture of committed devotion (07:26-10:53). While the Crusades have been tainted, Stevens believes that Christians should still accept the principle of crusading, waging a vigorous campaign in both our own lives as well as in society for transformation (10:54-14:55). After reading Philippians 3:7-11, he says that Christians should not wage territorial war but war on sin. In this sense, Christians ought to always be crusaders (14:56-17:31). He ends the service in prayer (17:32-18:21), and the audio ends with instrumental music (18:21-18:33).
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