SEBTS Chapel - Robert C. McClernon October 15, 1965

  • The service begins with the reading of Psalm 24:1-2 (00:20), and an introduction is given for the Reverend Robert C. McClernon, pastor of Watts Street Baptist Church in Durham, NC. From Springfield, Missouri, he received a BA degree from Drury College in Missouri and a Bachelor of Divinity degree from the Federated Faculty of the University of Chicago. He also served as Associate Minister at Myers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC for nine years before coming to pastor at Watts Street (00:43-01:32). The service continues with a responsive reading of Psalm 23 (1:33-2:34) and prayer afterward (2:35-4:51). Robert McClernon begins his message with the prayerful reading of Romans 5:1-5 (04:52-05:52). McClernon intends to humbly share with his listeners some of his own understandings of what makes us who are we to be as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Unless the clergy indicates to those whom we serve that God has called us to offer all of ourselves to Him in service, we cannot hope anyone else will do this after us. Firstly, God has called us to be theologians who love Him with our minds (05:53-09:58). Secondly, God has called us to be theologians who have ears and can minister by listening well (09:59-11:57). Thirdly, God has called us to have realistic self-conceptions, understanding that we must remember our humanity and weaknesses in our ministry as “professional” clergy and so protect ourselves from becoming “holy phonies.” According to McClernon, the gospel must become incarnate in us so that others see it as genuine, powerful, and effective for them as well (11:58-26:35). He then ends the service in prayer to God (26:36-27:54).
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  • October 15, 1965
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