SEBTS Spring Conference - Reuel L. Howe March 23, 1982

  • Reuel L. Howe was a professor of pastoral theology and founder of the Institute for Advanced Pastoral Studies in Bloomfield Hills, MI. The service begins with organ music (00:00-02:10). The speaker gives a word of prayer (02:11-03:50). Reuel L. Howe is introduced as the Spring Conference speaker (03:51-07:36). Howe’s lecture is entitled “Human Foundations for Ministry,” and he begins his lecture by describing his lecture as a dialogue of meaning (07:37-11:39). Howe describes the human ego as the foundation for ministry, and he list the negative and deficient thoughts that lead to hinder ministry growth (11:40-33:09). Howe then moves to describing the growth needs to set a good foundation for ministry, and this is ultimately found in having a healthy perspective on the call and purpose of ministry (33:10-41:33). The speaker welcomes visitors to campus, and he gives a word of prayer (41:34-42:58).
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  • March 23, 1982
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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