SEBTS Chapel - Sidney Randolph Crumpton February 14, 1961

  • The service begins with the reading of Mark 13:33-37 (00:00-00:46) and prayer (00:47-03:57). The speaker gives general information about the upcoming visit by the Board of Trustees and other miscellaneous information (03:58-06:22). Sidney Randolph Crumpton is introduced as the chaplain over the southeastern states. He was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Twelfth Headquarters of the U.S. Army Corps. His educational background is also discussed (06:23-08:15). After making some introductory remarks, he begins by saying that there is no difference between serving God in the church and serving God in the chaplaincy, for in both we are serving the same God (08:16-12:45). Chaplaincy requires the endorsement of one’s local church (12:46-13:35), a BD degree from a seminary and passing physical testing (13:36-14:37), requesting to go on active duty and potentially going overseas in time (14:38-15:15). He concludes his time by affirming the present need and benefit of being a chaplain in the U.S. Army (15:16-18:20) before giving the benediction of Numbers 6:24-26 (18:21-18:39).
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  • February 14, 1961
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