SEBTS Chapel - Wendell Randolph Grigg March 3, 1964

  • An opening prayer was given after the reading of Micah 6:8 (0:07-02:20). An introduction of Dr. Wendell Randolph Grigg was given, identifying him as Secretary of the Department of Interracial Cooperation of the Baptist Convention of North Carolina; he was a pastor, denominational worker, and co-laborer for the justice of the oppressed, especially other races (03:20-04:31). The title of the address is "Race and Relative Religion" (04:43-06:29). In his message, Grigg begs three considerations of his listeners: those who bear Christ's name would resemble His character to the world practically through humility and love; Christians would cease from treating the Faith as relative and begin treating it as absolute; and those who call on God as Father resemble Him as good sons and daughters should, acting in accord with His character to others in the world (06:30-08:09). Grigg points out that the myth of the superiority of racism has permeated in society, directly opposing science, the Bible, human unity, the Spirit of the Christian Faith, and the very will of God (08:45-09:48). He exposes racism's ultimate problem as one of wrong relationship with God, since no one can be in right relationship with God yet be in wrong relationship with any person (09:49-10:12). Grigg urges his listeners to take Christ and the implications of the Gospel seriously, acting on the Gospel instead of merely agreeing with it (10:13-27:12). A benediction was given by Grigg to close the service (27:13-27:26).
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  • March 3, 1964
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