SEBTS Missionary Day Address - R. Paul Caudill December 7, 1961

  • The service begins in prayer (00:00-03:06), and the speaker, R. Paul Caudill, was introduced as the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Memphis, TN, according to his educational and ministerial background (03:07-05:00). He says in this missionary address that the greatest danger that we face today is the blindness caused by materialism, and he gives examples of this from various countries (05:01-16:42). His word of hope comes from the Apostle Paul in Romans 1:14-15 (16:43-17:51). His first word has to do with acknowledgement of our debt which we owe to the world, namely, that the gospel should be proclaimed among the nations, withstanding the great price we must pay if we are to go to them (or not) (17:52-30:57). He mentions some modern missionary statistics (30:58-38:24). He closes with a challenge for his audience to actually obey Jesus’s command to “go” to the nations with the gospel (38:25-49:00), and he ends his time in prayer (49:01-51:10).
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  • December 7, 1961
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